Round Ends!


Musky's Escape is a Mario Brothers style game where you don't need to connect your wallet. Rewards and number of payouts will keep increasing.


MuskyDoge is on the Binance Smart Chain. We will bridge to other networks, including our native chain. Offering passive returns in Dogecoin to the holders from a 1% tax on all transactions. Buy on Pancakeswap. You will need to adjust the slippage to 7 - 10%

Good Cause

MuskyDoge's charity of choice is NAMI which helps fight the battle with mental illness. MuskyDoge has donated $1,050 and we plan on drastically increasing those numbers. This charity is an excellent choice because it's global.

Musky's Escape

To play click here Prizes will TBD. Reminder: It's not mobile friendly yet. Quickly create user name @Name for telegram account. Or email address. So we can promptly contact you.

MuskyDoge Blockchain

The development of MuskyDoge will never cease. The extensive development of our blockchain will open up endless possibilities. Although we will NOT leave Binance Smart Chain and Pancakeswap. Bridging our new coin to other blockchains will help thrive the project. Users will be given the opportunity to mine coins!

Win Conditions

Musky's Escape will soon be released for mobile devices, however play2earn will not be supported for mobile devices upon release. Version 2.0 will be compatible.

Free Play To Earn!

What's great about Musky's Escape is there is no need to connect your wallet. When registering an account, you have a few options. You can quickly create an account such as @Name so we can find you on Telegram to pay! Or you can use your email address.

The Story

After being sentenced to death for biting Elon. Musky escapes prison and continues his mission to the moon. But the world he once knew has changed drastically.


  • 1% rewards in Dogecoin
  • 1% added to liquidity
  • 3% for prizes and development

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We would like to thank all of our mods, advisors, and everyone who has helped work with the project in the past.


David Hall

Full Stack Developer

“I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.” — Elon Musk


Michael Hall

Programming Advisor

Mike was a big help with programming and solidity. Great tutor and advisor. May he rest in peace.

Fun Facts

2 $ Donated to Charity
12561 Lines of Code
95227 Months Old
1287 Holders